Let’s Talk About Facial Hair Removal Methods

This article will discuss the various forms of facial hair removal. It is a topic that has become very important to both women and men alike. For many facial hair is an embarrassing topic that is not often discussed. Instead of suffering through the various ways to conceal, it is important to take a look at the best facial hair removal aides.To begin with, there are the traditional methods for removing facial hair. These include tweezing, shaving, bleach and waxing. The problems with these methods are that they require upkeep on a regular basis and never actually solve the problem of getting rid of the hair on your face.

In addition, these methods constantly irritate the skin of your face. Facial skin is some of the most important and damage prone skin on your body. Aside for the constant sun and wind damage, the tweezing, bleaching, and waxing further bothers the skin cells and can lead to additional redness that needs to be covered by makeup. Skin irritation can also lead to breakouts, which hurt the complexion even more.Over the years more permanent solutions to facial hair removal have been invented and are constantly being improved upon.

Electrolysis is a newer system for hair removal that is very effective in permanently removing facial hair. An electrolysis device works by attacking the growth center of a hair through heat energy. It is a procedure that creates very little discomfort while destroying the individual hair follicle.

A drawback for electrolysis is that it can be very time consuming and expensive. This procedure works on one hair follicle at a time, so removing all unwanted facial hair can take several sessions. Also, you will want a licensed and trained technician working on you, since this is not something you can do for yourself at home.A newer type for removal is laser facial hair removal. This has become incredibly popular over the last several years due to being much faster and easier for the patient and technician. A benefit to being faster is that laser hair removal costs less per session because the time in the office is shorter.

Facial hair removal by laser is not as immediately permanent as the electrolysis, though. Each session with the laser will slow down the rate of growth and reduce the amount of hair growing, which is why 4-6 sessions are recommended to make hair growth virtually nonexistent. With that in mind, you still may need to shave tweeze on occasion, but the normal maintenance can decrease from every few days to every few months.

Even men are looking into facial hair removal these days. For guys that wear ties every day the buttoned up shirt can irritate the hard to shave neck area and lead to breakouts. Using laser hair removal below the jaw line allows men to avoid this as well as define a smooth beard line, so that a beard or stubble look is easily maintained.Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the current information on facial hair removal. Make sure to research your doctor and hair removal procedures before setting up your first session.

Facial Hair Removal Techniques

The face is probably the area of the body that the majority of people are the most self-conscious about. This is because it is the one part of the body that is most visible and least frequently hidden from view.So what if you have hair on your face that’s not wanted or welcome? Which are the best methods to facial hair removal? Take your pick from the methods below with your own particular needs and circumstances in mind:

Tweezing – most people will be familiar with a pair of tweezers. These small forceps work by pulling the hairs from their follicles. They are cheap and, together with a mirror, are great when travelling for do-it-yourself ‘pluck n go’. They are ideal for removing small areas of hair from the face, such as your eyebrows, cheeks and neck. However, they are not recommended for larger areas of facial hair such as a beard or moustache, or sensitive areas like the nose, and can cause ingrown hairs or skin irritations.

Threading – works in a similar fashion to tweezing, by pulling hairs out of their follicles by winding a cotton thread around each hair. Again, this method is great for quickly removing small areas of facial hair and usually lasts for several weeks. This technique of facial hair removal is a natural method.

Hair removal creams – these creams work by dissolving facial hairs. It is a safe and painless method for most people, but you must ensure that you buy a cream that’s formulated for facial hair removal and check for allergic reaction first before applying widely to your face. Creams however, tend to give only short term results and might not work so well for dark hairs.

Shaving – this is one of the most cost-effective methods available for men to remove hair from the neck, beard and moustache area. Cheap razors are widely available and skin irritations can be minimized by applying gels, creams, foams and lotions. More expensive electrical razors can also be used and users of these devices tend to be less prone to razor cuts. However, the effects of shaving are short term since hairs are cut off at or close to the skin’s surface. This method is also not suitable for women or other areas of the face as hairs tend to grow back with blunted tips, making the re-growth appear thicker.

Electrolysis – this method is ideal for permanent facial hair removal, such as for women. The methodology treats each hair separately and is great for small areas of facial hair. It has been on the market for a relatively long period of time and fewer re-treatments are required as with other methods. The method requires professional use and can be time consuming and moderately painful, so treating large areas of the face would be expensive.

Laser – commonly, lasers are used to remove hairs from the upper lip, the sides of the face, and chin. Hair is removed for long periods of time, if not permanently, and any re-growth is thinner. Normally 3 to 5 treatments will be required to remove facial hair. Laser treatment works best on pale skin and dark hair. Dark skinned or blond or red heads may not see effective results. Laser hair removal should also not be performed around the eyes and eyebrows as it is potentially damaging to vision.


Men’s Grooming Tips – Facial Hair

Facial Hair has become increasingly popular during the past few years. In this article I will outline some of the most popular styles and what to avoid.Firstly I’d like to de-myth a common misconception. Most men think that shaving more often will make your facial hair grow faster. This is not the case! Your hair is not ‘alive’ and cutting it will not have any effect on your hair follicles. It is generally just the case that as you get older your hair will grow faster and thicker.


The mustache is a timeless look with lots of variation. Generally a thick mustache though it will not look good on a man aged between 18 and 35. It will make you look too serious and strict. However if you are older a mustache can be a good look to hid thinning lips. When trimming your mustache follow the natural line of your mouth.


Again a full beard will not be a good look for a younger man. It will make you look much older than you actually are. However in recent times the short beard has become increasingly popular. Its ‘rough and tough’ look is very masculine and will look good on any younger man.The shorter beard is also a good option if you work in a professional environment. Like learning piano online. If you keep it well trimmed then it can still be a tidy, neat professional look.


A beard or mustache can be quite maintenance intensive, so an alternative facial hair style is sideburns. This is becoming an increasingly popular look. It is a very personal thing, so experiment with different lengths -down to the ear, or even longer than that. In general men with triangular chins look better with pointed sideburns, and men with square chins should square off the sideburns.